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# Protocol name, may be left empty when using a custom update_hook.
# The default update_hook supports: gandi, httpnet, dyndns
# The command to be called to determine our public IP address. By default UPNP
# will be used
# The command to be called when an IP change is detected. Environment variables
# will be set when calling it (for documentation see homeserverdns-update).
# Default: homeserverdns-update
# The address of the API, required for dyndns protocol.
# Example:
# User name for authentication at the API (not all protocols require this).
# Token used for authentication at the API
# Time-to-live for the A/AAAA records (not all protocols support this).
# default: 300
# A space separated list of the domains for which the A/AAAA records shall be
# updated. For each domain the update_hook will be called.